Technology Enhances Wine, Spirits and Beer Labels

What is the reason for naming the wine? Or is this the reason behind the brand of beer and cocktail? Obviously, the main answer to this question is: Respect for the TTB guidelines (Alcohol, Tobacco Elements and Business Tax). When visiting, the remaining brand space and a duplicate advertising section can be used. In fact, there is hardly room in the bottle names to be brand new with supermarkets. Today innovation is about leveling the limited space for tags using innovation via RFID (Radio Repeat Identifier). On your mobile phone, click on the seal label next to the DOMAIN Communications (NFC) container and see what appears on your mobile phone if there is still a label with your name.

Depending on the winery’s financial plan and the number of cell phones that are with RFID tag users (the latest cell phones have a basic level of understanding), wine, beer, and spirits can be discussed directly with the customer while staying in front of the jar. or a closed area in the area. These electronic names can give data in any structure. Data can usually be opened by voice, message or payroll; The least expensive option is to use memorized NFC stickers to get a very good sticker or adaptive film attached to a jar.

This NFC innovation has many names, for example, cool tags, tags, and Open Sense names; The title I use is “Tap Labels”. Cunning signs (of the customer issue) began to appear in food, individual considerations and pharmacy. The cocktails, beer and wine were about 100% though. Organizations that use smart tags are not only great players in the restroom and individual considerations, but at the same time they are used by some start-ups. Generally, names are a way that article manufacturers use to give buyers more information than can be printed on the label. However, the benefits of these names are not limited to additional data stops, but to labels, reservations, extended agreements, and so on.

They can reproduce part of the loops that can make an nfc name, however it is limited.

This unique innovation is currently being used to allow the club to control and track the betting chips in the club. Ken Smith, author of on November 5, 2012, announced that the Wynn / Apparition club in Las Vegas began using chips to work with RFID tags in 2005. Perspective: The degree of complexity introduced by signs of progress allows organizations talk to buyers before they even buy the thing.

A few years ago, the Scanner brand began providing organizations with tools to track inventory, effectively analyze parts, and change costs on the spot. Then, at that point, the radio playback card tags appeared, reflectively and effectively complementing the object’s clock capabilities; Read and record data related to radio card scanning. Depending on the capabilities of the name of a radio repeat tag, the name data is visible and configured on that tag; We prefer not to forget (QR code) that most mobile phones can look at and react on the screen by connecting a presentation page. Existing mobile phones accompanied by QR comprehension capabilities and more existing reception cables are interconnected with NFC stickers.

Mojosa NFC tag is actually a lightweight RFID name, like 3 sheets of printer paper or 0.0002 inches. While the contacts that work with the NFC stickers are stored on an applicable NFC mobile phone, the phone obtains previously modified data. The customer can plan the target presentation / page as a winery, bottling company or refinery according to their conviction. The data size for the Nfc tag can be around 7 KB. Again larger, more efficient RFID tags can present many remarkable opportunities and openings, regardless of the cost and investment in the deal.

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